Moena - Touristic Guide


Moena  Moena is a commune (municipality) of 2.597 inhabitants in the Province of Trento.
 Moena is the most populated country of the Val of Fassa, in Province of Trent, and it is situated in a basin between them Dolomites.
 The commune of Moena, first country of the Val of Fassa, is the most populous center and is calmly perched in a basin surrounded by the evocative groups of the Latemar, of the Valacia and of the Costalunga. It counts three fractions: Sorte, Someda and Oven, historically more ancient. Enunciated in this some locality events sporty of all respect.
 From 1318 the country is joined besides to the Magnificent Community of Fiemme. Moena from the July 2002 is seat of the summer withdrawal of the Sampdoria.

 Thanks to its considerable ski installations and to the beauty of the landscape, the economical activity of the country is passed, long more recent its story from the agriculture, to the tourism. In the local folklore however, the optimal pigs remember still reared in this commune, that give to the moenesi the nickname of "porcié", that follows the tradition of the ramparts of Fiemme and Fassa to give a specific nickname to the inhabitants of the varied countries. The culture, the traditions and the love for the language of the small center are a lot strong, and come protected from the institute Cultural Ladino, that it is occupied to preserve the better one of the use and customs of Moena and of the other seven communes of the Valley of Fassa.

 The "fairy of the Dolomites", so was nicknamed for its fascinating beauty, is theater of the fantastic scenery of enrosadira, natural phenomenon that to the sunset paints the peaks of a warm red reflected on Dolomia. For the lovers of the ski, to little kilometers from the modern center inhabited we find the Ski Area Lusia and the Ski Area San Pilgrim, with the connections of the merry-go-round 3 Ramparts (Bellamonte and Falcade), 100 kilometers of tracks and 26 installations systems of gone back. The Center Alochet offers long tracks that loosen themselves between the spruce and the larches of the step San Pilgrim. The summer is time of walks, and Moena offers of it in plenty, rich view and friendly shelters that repay of every effort.

 To Moena reside varied champions, present and of the past, of winter sport. The most known one is Cristian Zorzi, with to the varied profit medals in the field of the back ski, Olympic and world. Every victory of "Zorro" like nicely Zorzi is nicknamed, is celebrated from the community moenese with a large party in the main square of the country. Another champion of today to remember is Cristian Deville, that puts into practice the ski of reduction.